About the Anthology

Coming Out for Animals: Queering Animal Liberation is an anthology in progress. We have some chapters (and promises) in hand and have posted an open call for proposals here.

About the Editors

QAL editorial team

QAL editorial team

Kim Stallwood is a writer and independent scholar living in East Sussex, England. He is the former executive director of PETA (1987-1992); former editor-in-chief of Animal’s Agenda magazine (1993-2002); and former co-executive director (2002-2007) and current European Director of the Animals and Society Institute. He is the editor of two anthologies, Speaking Out for Animals and A Primer on Animal Rights, as well as a contributor to several other anthologies. Kim blogs at Grumpy Vegan and can be reached at kim (at) grumpyvegan.com

pattrice jones is an eco-feminist writer and activist living in rural Maryland, USA. Her adventures in queer activism began in 1976. She co-founded the Eastern Shore Sanctuary in 2000. An editor of the Journal for Critical Animal Studies, she teaches at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. A former columnist for an LGBTQ newspaper, she has also written for LesbianNation and numerous progressive periodicals. She is the author of Aftershock: Confronting Trauma in a Violent World as well as a contributor to several anthologies. pattrice blogs at SuperWeed and can be reached at pattrice (at) pattricejones.info

Olivia Lane is a artist and activist living in Brooklyn, USA. An advocate of veganism as the path to animal liberation since 2002, Olivia is Editor-at-Large for the popular blog, SuperVegan. Olivia previously blogged for Lantern Books and has written for Satya Magazine. She can be reached at olivia (at) supervegan.com


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