Reminder — Anthology Proposals Due Soon

The deadline for proposals for the Coming Out for Animals: Queering Animal Liberation anthology is fast approaching and, while we’re prepared to be flexible, we really would like to hear from you if you think you might like to write something for us. We’ve gotten a lot of proposals in already but we know that even more stories and ideas are out there.

First time writers: Please don’t be daunted by the idea of a “proposal” — just jot us a note saying what you’d like to write about and why, remembering to tell us a little bit about yourself. Remember that, along with theoretical or factual essays on related topics, we’re also looking for personal narratives from queer AR activists, vegan LGBTQ activists, and queer vegan activists involved in other struggles. We want lots of stories from lots of people so that the book will reflect the diversity of our tactics and identities.

Scholars: Writing for this anthology will be a lot more fun than usual. Because we want the book to be lively and accessible, we’re encouraging experienced writers to take liberties. Length, style, format — it’s all flexible. So if you’ve got any ideas at all, even if they’re still half-formed, let us know.



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